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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reblog! Share some love giveaway by: Mateja - Cool Girl

Share some love giveaway

Hello dears!

It is coming a time in the year when we think about love and hearts and other warm things. I did look in my stash and realized I don't need two backup bottles of Essence Waking up in Vegas. So I will give one away!
Also I have a tons of hand creams and to many backups. I will giving away hand balm from Essence Little bakery winter edition Raspberry chocolate cookie 24h hand protection balm. I love it and it is one of my favorites.
The winner will also get a pair of earrings made by me.

So this is what the winner gets.

In questionnaire you will find a question about your favorite cosmetic product. Since is about love and hearts there must be one thing you can't live without.  

I will tell you what mine is. 

I really cant be without ... Lip balm. I can go out with no make up, perfume or stuff like that, but I can't go without my lip balm. 

My absolute favorite is Medirepair from Vitaskin 

The rules of entering

You MUST be a follower via GFC to enter. Following on twitter and Facebook is optional.

The giveaway starts 25th January 2012 and ends on 14th February 2012 at midnight and is open INTERNATIONALLY.

Winner will be contacted by email If you are under the age of 18 you must have your parents consent.

All products are brand new, never used or swatched, and purchased with my own money.

If you have any questions contact me at


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