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Monday, February 27, 2012

Reblog! MissEnchanted’s 1st International Giveaway :)

MissEnchanted’s 1st International Giveaway :)

I have been enjoying the amazing company of you all amazing gals for the last 8 months. Thank you all for such lovely comments and support. As a small gesture to say thanks for having faith in me, I am introducing my second giveaway. Unlike the earlier bitter experience which was a sponsored giveaway, this time I have selected and bought every item myself for this giveaway. This is gonna be my first international giveaway yaaay!!!
This giveaway is open internationally,
  1. You have to be 18+ to enter this giveaway, else parental consent is a must,
  2. Only one winner will be chosen using,
  3. This Giveaway will end on 29th Feb’2012, and I will announce the winner on 2nd March 2012,
  4. Mandatory Rules:- (3 entry)
    1. Follow me on Twitter here and Facebook  here
    2. Be friends using Google friend connect.
  5. Optional rules:-
    1. Tweet about this giveaway (+2 entry)
    2. Share this giveaway on Facebook (+2 entry)
    3. Add me to your circle in Google+ here (+2 entry)
    4. Do a post about the giveaway and put a link on sidebar. (+10 entry for each)
    5. Add me to your blogroll (+10 entry)
All these are fresh pieces, not even swatched once.Enjoy the pics…
VoV purchased from FnU
Professional Eyeshadow Palette
Peach Glamshine Gloss & Icy Peach Glamshine Gloss
Ruby Glamshine Eyeliner Liquid & Blue Glamshine Eyeliner Liquid

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