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Saturday, April 28, 2012

South Bark: New Online Pet Store + Give-away! by Ruthilicious



If only I have a pet, I will keep these lovely prizes sponsored by South Bark. But we chose not to keep a pet at home. We thought it is like a relationship (you have to nurture them, and have time for them), and we can just simply say that I, and my parents don't want commitment (at this point).

We used to have a cute puppy, then a cat (oh, I love cats!) and then a fish. But now, I am content seeing my friends' lovely pets - especially if they are all dressed up with cute costumes while playing with their toys and/or eating their healthy meals. And for supplies of these pets essentials, there is a new online store called South Bark which has everything you need for your cute pets and/or babies (as most of my friends call their pets!).

South Bark imports its products from the US and prices are crazy cheap! Check out some of the fun items below and look at these happy clients!

Dog Bed

Tote Bag

Not Real Mouse - But a Toy!

Now, to join the contest and get a chance to win one of the two prizes featured above, please help me promote South Bark and its opening.

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