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Friday, June 15, 2012


REBLOG from Ms. Angel

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Today marks the end of my first giveaway, but also gives birth to a new one! This time it is a sponsored giveaway by Firmoo Global Online Optical Shop. We're giving away 2 pairs of eyewear of your choice! And if you think that's cool, we're also giving away 30% discount coupons for - wait for it - EVERYONE! Yep, for everyone! No exceptions. (I posted the discount code at the bottom of this entry.)

As a head start, let me tell you about this awesome eyewear company called Firmoo. It's based in New York and specializes in all kinds of eyewear - prescription glasses, reading glasses, sunnies, everything. I own already 2 pairs of sunnies from Firmoo, so I can vouch to the quality and wearability of their products. As to their style and elegance, you be the judge, click the Firmoo logo and check out the amaaaazing collections on their site.

Now is your chance to own a pair for FREE, and we're giving away two! All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter widget down below. Please don't skip any steps, and make sure to fill in what is required in the box, otherwise your entries will be automatically disqualified.

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