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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Iambabypanda's Blogiversary Giveaway



Iambabypanda's Blogiversary Giveaway

Hey guys!! Finally all is done... All the choosing, organizing and obtaining the prizes are done and I'm definitely ready to announce my biggest giveaway yet which I am so excited to tell you about since last month! I have been preparing for it since April hence the absence of blog posts, so I'm really glad that all the hard work that I've done during the past month or so paid off and I'm able to share with you guys prizes that I'm truly happy about and honestly want for my own keke... June is the month where I started to blog, not as often coz I don't have that much yet until Iambabypanda grew and I met new friends. This giveaway serves as a simple thank you for the support you guys have given me the past year and I never thought that I would  reach this amount of members, for that I'm truly thankful. There are a lot of times where I think that I should just quit but your comments and messages give me strength to continue and I don't want to waste all the support you guys have given me. So from me to you guys, 

So the EYE PRIZE  is a product that I never really thought I would be able to give away but yeah I will giveaway one:

I'm really excited about this one coz I definitely love this palette and whoever gets it, ughh I'm too jealous. This palette is worth 74 USD here in the Philippines

The next prize which is the SKIN PRIZE are four products that I love for my skin from then till now


This four BB Creams are the top of my list. These are the products that I loved ever since and have been loving till now. These are the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream, Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, Lioele Waterdrop BB Cream and Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream all these are worth 81 usd

The last prize, which is my favorite one of all is the LIP PRIZE

I have selected TEN, yep TEN shades of the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick  which I recently did a review on here. The lipsticks are worth 110 USD which is the biggest prize of this whole giveaway.

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